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Worshiping, praying, sharing and studying the Bible together is the bed rock of student life on the KLA.

There are many aspects to the year where study, reflection and relaxation meet. 

Food also plays a big part!  Food for the mind, body and spirit.

Fellowship is a major component of the journey, where students share hearts, dreams and visions in a safe and supportive environment.

Fun … who said that studying has to be dull and demanding, learning can be fun as well as stretching.


Come prepared to be challenged, stretched and encouraged to be all that God has made you to be. It’s an intimate journey into and with Him 

It is journey shared within a community of like minded, caring and committed individuals. You will discover more about yourself, God and others during the 10 months we walk together.

Being a student doesn’t mean you have to be one of the “young ones” (who ever they are), age is no barrier to learning and sharing hearts and minds. (Our oldest student so far is 60+) 

Ask any of our past students what life was like being part of this unique and life changing family of Jesus lovers!