Some testimonials from past students, guest speakers, mentors and more about their time at the KLA and the impact it's had on their lives

Karisha's testimony about her time on the Kairos Leadership Academy
Nay's testimony about her time on the Kairos Leadership Academy

Joshua's testimony about his time on the Kairos Leadership Academy

Wendy's testimony about her time on the Kairos Leadership Academy
A one word summary from our students about the KLA
Moyra's testimony about her time on the Kairos Leadership Academy
Chris Walker quote frame.jpg

Chris Walker - ENTREPRENEUR and business owner

The KLA is an excellent course in biblical based leadership. Paul and Jenni are both excellent mentors and I have benefited greatly from their insight and input into my life. The course also had world-class guest speakers which would have been worth the course fees alone. I can't recommend enough what Paul and Jenni are doing through this course.

Louisa Hopkins quote frame.jpg

Louisa Hopkins - midwife & mother

The KLA was a fantastic stepping stone for positive change in our families lives. The foundations taught along with the community of other delegates made for a fantastic year of growth and change. We loved it!

Matt Hubbard quote frame.jpg


The biggest things that I'm taking away from the KLA are that I have a voice, I have a purpose and the dreams God has given to me are accessible and achievable. I have a greater awareness and confidence in my identity and am now in a place where I can take hold of my dreams and begin to put them into action.

Lesley Coley quote frame.jpg

Lesley Coley - INTERCESSOR

I was wanting to do something meaningful and the KLA delivered. Jenni, Paul and the team equipped me to nail down what I enjoy being and doing, and then do it. And, now I am. All of this in a fun, encouraging and spirit led environment. What is stopping you? Just do it.

Megan Hubbard quote frame.jpg


By the time I started the KLA I had shrugged off the word ‘leader’ over 100 times. Not me, NO thank you. I’d rather be a sheep than a shepherd. Tell me what to do – don’t expect me to lead others. I’m not strong enough. I’m not tall enough. I’m just NOT a leader, believe me, I know. However, I could feel a tug on my heart – and when I heard about the KLA I thought ‘well let’s get this settled once and for all… am I a leader or not?’ So you could say I started from a bit of a backwards position with the pretence ‘I’m not a leader – try and prove me wrong’.  As we gathered time and time again, through the teaching, community and one to one mentoring I began to realise there was more to me than meets the eye. I felt challenged and encouraged to step out of my comfort zone and speak up about my dreams and aspirations. I realised rather than a tumbleweed of ‘no leader in me’ – I found a passionate, vision filled, strong-voiced leader that had been waiting for the opportunity to rise up.  I was really thankful that my ‘leadership’ didn’t have to fit into a mould or look a certain way – but rather I was accepted and encouraged to allow my unique leadership style to immerse. I didn’t have to write essays or bullet point my dreams – instead, I dream boarded with glue and colour everywhere and presented my thoughts with gusto and creative expression. I have ended the KLA knowing for certain I am a leader. That I am a strong leader with a passion-filled vision and I’m excited to implement that which I have learnt. On a more practical note – I  have noticed in the workplace that I’ve confidently pressed into the challenges and pursue leadership opportunities where I can. 

I would recommend this course to everyone – but especially to those of you that have counted yourself out as a leader…. Enjoy the unexpected.

Matt Kist quote frame.jpg

Matt Kist - software engineer

The KLA was a great time for my wife and me to grow in confidence in our faith, grow in love with God and to help us know how to love those around us. Paul and Jenni have hearts of gold and they balance each other incredibly well. I loved the community feel of the KLA where I got to know others well and had valuable mentoring during the whole year.

I definitely recommend the KLA!

Philly quote frame.jpg

Phil Holley - recruitment officer

There are few things I've done that changed my life more than the KLA. I have a greater understanding of who I am in Him, feel more healed up and whole than ever. The KLA released me to dream bigger and higher than I ever dared to before (and this is coming from a visionary!) The breakthroughs I received were life changing!

I guarantee that your life will never be the same again.

Christie quote frame.jpg

Christie Peacock - Founder and Executive Chairman of Sidai Africa Ltd 

I was delighted to speak about my own entrepreneurial journey in Africa at a KLA guest speaker session recently. It was obvious from the level of engagement and enthusiasm in the room that Jenni and Paul are doing something right. Do talk to them about joining the course, it could be the right course for you.

You can learn more about Christie and what she does at   www.sidai.com

Olivia Shone quote frame.png

Olivia Shone - Meaningful App designer

Having met each team in the last two years and spoken to them I have found the team 'spirit' to be one of openness and enthusiasm. The students are really encouraged to grow and step into what God has for them. Paul and Jenni are one of the godliest couples I've ever had the privilege to know as they offer; challenge, testimony, teaching and guidance all done with such love. I can't recommend these two people highly enough as your spiritual teachers and coaches!

You can learn more about Olivia and what she does at www.meaningfulapp.com

Isabel Allum quote frame.png

Isabel Allum - international prophetic teacher, author and pastor

It was such a great joy and blessing to speak at Kairos Leadership Academy. I wholeheartedly recommend anyone to enrol in this school as Paul and Jenni will take you deeper in your relationship with God. They will equip you to fulfil your destiny and it will truly be a life changing experience

You can learn more about Isabel and what she does at www.ivan-isabel.com

Cathie Jones.jpg

Cathie Jones

I'm a missionary in Pemba, Mozambique helping to set up the university there. Having spoken on the last two KLAs,  I know what an exciting opportunity it is for anyone who wants to go deeper with God and be a part of an encouraging and hungry group of people. I am more than happy to recommend this course and would suggest getting in touch with Paul and Jenni to discuss it further.


testimonials from some of our 5 day intensive school attendee's and the impact it had on them.

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